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Diabetes Kare Consulting Online School of Education has been launched to offer an avenue to provide life changing education and tools for Healthcare Providers and those at risk or living with insulin resistance syndromes such as prediabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Dementia and Cardiovascular Disease to learn simple, healthy, lifestyle changes to live longer, healthier, happier lives and lower risks of serious complications and poor outcomes during this Covid -19 pandemic.

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Diabetes Kare Consulting LLC

“Finished this wonderful day with a chance to absorb Scherrie Keating’s talk on diabetes! If you have a chance to spend some time with this gem of a human…do not pass it up!”

Jon Younger, CSA, CDP, Owner, Assisted Living Locators

Education is just education unless turned into action then it becomes LIFE CHANGING!


All webinars require pre-registration.

Once enrolled, must click on Zoom registration link in course to receive meeting ID and
a password. 


Webinar Offerings: 

  • Change Your Thinking to Change Your Behavior for a Healthier Life (NEW 8/20)
  • Reversing Your Risks of Type 2 Diabetes TODAY!
  • Simplifying Type 2 Diabetes
  • Take Control of Your Diabetes, Live Healthier and Longer
  • Healthy Eating… A Powerful Tool to Support a Strong Immune System
  • Smart Shopping for Optimal Health
  • Insulin Resistance, Alzheimer’s Disease and Your Future Health
  • Active Aging with Ageless Grace
  • Dirty Little Secrets…What’s Hiding in Your Products?


Upcoming LIVE Webinars: Live Webinars to return in 2021. Stay tuned for topics and dates…….