Diabetes Prevention for Life Program

The Diabetes Prevention for Life Program was born out of my passion and mission to have a bigger impact on the global prediabetes epidemic. The numbers of those living with prediabetes are growing every year. The reality is that there are 88 million adults living with prediabetes. That is 1 out of 3 and 80% are unaware! COULD IT BE YOU?

Take the risk test and find out right now.
It takes less than a minute.

If you scored 5 or higher, you likely have prediabetes. Contact your healthcare provider to schedule an appointment to be tested.

THE GOOD NEWS!!! Type 2 Diabetes is PREVENTABLE!! Research shows simple, proven lifestyle changes can lower your risks up to 71%.

The time to act is NOW! The longer your blood sugars remain elevated, the increased risk you have of developing Type 2 Diabetes and its serious, often life-threatening complications.


The choice is yours!
Either continue down the path to Diabetes or change course now and travel the path to prevention.

Remember, it only takes one call to change your life forever and one course to SAVE your life. This course will do both!

If you are ready, let’s start your journey to Preventing Type 2 Diabetes for Life together.


The Diabetes Prevention for Life Program – offers a road map for those at risk and living with prediabetes to begin their journey towards Diabetes Prevention for LIFE!

The road to Diabetes prevention is a lifelong journey. Not a quick detour! It begins with education then turns into action leading to lifestyle transformation, overall improved health and wellness, weight loss, lower blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, reduced risk heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes prevention for LIFE! Choose the path to prevention and begin your journey today! 


Hear what a program attendee had to say about how the Talk Me Healthy Course helped her!

1. Talk Me Healthy to Prevent Diabetes 8-week course - Next Course starts 9/7/21

An 8-week intensive education course for those at risk and living with prediabetes.

The goal is to provide life-changing education to participants then help them turn that education into action NOW to lower risks of developing Type 2 Diabetes and its serious, potentially life-threatening complications by up to 71% as well as improve weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, overall physical, emotional and brain health significantly reducing risks of developing other chronic diseases and Covid-19 related complications.

Includes group support, accountability, activities, tools, and resources to prevent Diabetes for LIFE!

Meets weekly on Zoom from 5:00 – 6:30 pm EST

Next course starting September 7 through October 26, 2021 

 9-7-21 Flyer Talk Me Healthy to Prevent Diabetes 8 week Course

Click the link for more information or to register!

2. Transformation for Life to Prevent Diabetes Community - Starting FALL 2021

A membership community of like minded people traveling the road to preventing Type 2 Diabetes for Life.

Diabetes prevention is not a quick fix. It is a lifelong transformational process involving continued learning, healthy lifestyle changes, and ongoing support. It takes a clear vision, motivation, and knowing your “why” to stay focused and on track to successfully reach your destination.

Staying on track can be difficult, especially now during this uncertain and challenging time. The goal of this community is to help people at risk and living with prediabetes turn education into lifelong action to successfully stay on the path to preventing Type 2 Diabetes for LIFE.