As a survivor of Fingernail Melanoma, (12 years in remission, woot!!), I am now at a higher risk of developing skin Melanoma. After my surgery, my dermatologist recommended I use Neutrogena 100% SPF multiple times a day for life. So, of course, I stockpiled the recommended sunscreen and overused it so I would NEVER again have to go through cancer treatments.  Years later, I learned that there were ingredients in that sunscreen, and many others, that when exposed to the sun increased my risks of skin cancer, not decrease it. I also learned that it only takes 26 seconds for chemicals in personal care products to enter your blood stream. Talk about being angry, scared and shocked, among many other emotions. After the shock wore off, I decided I needed to learn more and do something immediately to lower my risks and so my nontoxic journey began.

Armed with new knowledge and an incredible determination to live, I started looking at all the products I was using, both on my body and around my house. Guess what, EVERY single product I was using had toxic ingredients that could increase my health risks. So, I made the decision to throw away everything. Bags and bags of products. You should have seen my husband’s reaction, lol. He saw dollar signs; I saw a chance to make some small healthy choices to live longer!

As you know, I believe education is power and when turned into action is LIFECHANGING and LIFESAVING! I also practice what I preach so I continued to learn and take action. To me, it was a matter of life and death and with no products left in my house, what else could I do, lol.

I became a consultant for Pure Haven where I could buy high quality non-toxic products. I began to educate others as a consultant through home parties until I started Diabetes Kare Consulting. I knew EVERYONE still needed this education so began offering CEU and Community programs on this topic with a DIY option.

Before the pandemic, I even offered a DIY healthy products workshop. SO MUCH FUN!! During the workshop, attendees learned the danger of hidden toxins in everyday products, associated health risks, how to become ingredient detectives and how to make inexpensive, safer alternatives using things they already have at their house. The BEST part, they had the opportunity to make and bring home 3 healthy products to get them started on their own non-toxic journey. It was an awesome evening! Cannot wait until we are able to do these kinds of events again.

Until then, I would like to share with you a simple change you could do TODAY to lower your risk of headaches, Alzheimer’s Disease, Breast and Prostate Cancer. Switch your aluminum deodorant for baking soda or corn starch. Aluminum has been found to destroy nerve cells, affect brain activity, cognition. Think about it, baking soda absorbs odor in your refrigerator so, why not on your body. You want to perspire, just not smell! I keep a box in my bathroom with a makeup brush, use every morning and I am good to go for the day.

As you can see, it is CRITICAL you have this education, then turn it into action to prevent health issues from hidden toxins in products you are using every day. You and your family’s health depend upon it. Start today, change your tomorrows, and don’t forget to pick up that box of baking soda on your way home!

Stay Healthy!!

Scherrie Keating RN, BSN, CDCES, CDC, NDPP Lifestyle Coach, CDP, Certified Ageless Grace Educator
Founder, Diabetes Kare Consulting, LLC
Creator, Diabetes Prevention for Life program
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