How many times have you heard someone say or maybe ever said yourself… “I am too old to change?”, “I am set in my ways”, “It’s too hard to change”? “I just can’t”

I know I have personally said these at a least a few times, maybe more, in my lifetime and for sure have it heard it thousands of times educating patients about healthier lifestyle changes over the past 37 years.

The truth is behavior change can be difficult but not IMPOSSIBLE! You CAN be SUCCESSFUL! I know, because I had a life changing experience and HAD to change my attitude, find my “why” so I could change my behavior, move forward and begin to live again. Let me explain…

Almost 12 years ago, I was diagnosed with a very rare cancer. I was newly married, my husband left and I spiraled down into a deep depression, lost my will to live and developed panic attacks and severe anxiety. It was so crippling I became nonfunctional. What really changed my life and behavior was something my surgeon said to me at one of my visits. He said “Your attitude will kill you before your cancer does.”  OK, yes, I was so upset and wanted to change doctors BUT, I came to realized he gave me a gift. I found my “why”, began to change my attitude, which changed my behaviors and subsequently gave me my life back.

So, yes, I know if you think differently, you will act differently and can live a longer, healthier life. I also know you can do this too and be successful.

Here is some information to help you get started.

Successful behavior change depends upon:

SMART Goals – your vision, desired result, needs to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timed
Readiness – YOU must be ready to change, you are not doing this for anyone else
Mindset – your willing to change, adjust your thinking, focus, perception
Attitude – your willing to change from negative to positive, focus on pros vs. cons
Barriers – your able to identify, formulate plan with resources
Relapses – know you will probably relapse, we are imperfect humans, don’t let it defeat you from moving forward
Why – find your “why”, use it to stay clearly focused, motivated and on track towards your goal

Are you ready to think differently so you can make a few small behavior changes to feel better, improve your health and live longer? The choice is always yours!! Remember, “your health is your best wealth”. Start today, change your tomorrows!!

Stay healthy,
Scherrie Keating RN, BSN, CDCES, NDPP Lifestyle Coach, CDP
Founder, Diabetes Kare Consulting, LLC
Creator, Diabetes Prevention for Life program
Producer and Host, Talk Me Healthy Show and Podcast