Thank you Tamisha Civil for having me as your guest on Voice of Reason Boston Radio this past Saturday and for providing an opportunity to increase awareness of the prediabetes epidemic as well as educate your listeners on the importance of prevention and management of Type 2 Diabetes. Empower others to find and use their why as motivation to start today to make a simple lifestyle change to lower their risk of Type 2 Diabetes and other associated chronic diseases. Together we can make a difference in the lives of many! #nationaldiabetesmonth

Thank you Diabetes Kare Consulting, LLC – Scherrie Keating RN, BSN, CDE for educating the community about November Diabetes Awareness Month.Diabetes Kare Consulting mission is to increase awareness of the prediabetes epidemic and help people prevent and manage Diabetes through education, consulting and health

Posted by Tamisha Civil on Saturday, November 23, 2019