Dementia, otherwise known as major neurocognitive disorder, is a group of symptoms characterized by memory loss, impaired thinking, reasoning, problem solving and personality changes significantly impacting daily life and independent functioning. Aging is the primary risk factor, which has increased fear in many. Join my guest, Tammy Pozerycki, MA, CADDCT, CFRDT, CDP, COTP, Owner, Educator and Consultant for Alternatives in Alzheimer’s Care, LLC, as she shares her own personal experience caring for her grandmother with Dementia and how that experience motivated her to start Pleasantries, a social model adult day program, and the first memory cafe in Massachusetts. Learn the importance of prevention, risk factors reduction, proper diagnosis, treatment options, role of education and valuable resources available. Share this information with others so together we can take the stigma out of Dementia and help those living with Dementia and their families have a better day!